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Fighting against COVID together

What it is & how to stay healthy

Help for individuals and families

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contraCOVID is looking for passionate leaders and volunteers to join us in the fight against COVID-19, and to help our mission of ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need during this pandemic. Click below to apply for opportunities in:


  • Outreach

  • Social Resource Creation

  • Visual Media Creation

  • Website Expansion


contraCOVID has joined forces with Movimiento Cosecha to speak with thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrants about preventing COVID-19, and to help them find free clinics and financial assistance in their area


contraCOVID translates materials into many languages in an effort to ensure that all communities receive information in a language they can understand.

contra COVID

We are a group of Harvard Medical School students and professionals dedicated to helping families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Email: info@contracovid.com

Phone: 617-942-0271

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